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Simeon Emitt Northup was born the youngest of seven children of Charles and Eliza Northup on 10-30-1897. He was a saxophone player and had a band in Glasgow, Montana. He married Arvilla and Estelle before marrying Ila Blanche Lucille Slattum (born 10-3-17)on 10-21-44. From her, he had two sons, Emitt Duane (6-26-45) and Daryl Dean (6-23-47). Emitt lives in Glasgow, Montana and Daryl lives at Glendive, Montana.

Sim died March 28, 1964 and Is buried in Glasgow's cemetary. Death came from complications of adult onset diabetes. (08-10-1998) Ila is still alive as I write this and living in an assisted living facility in Glasgow.

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Simeon and Ila Northup Family

Children of Simeon and Ila Northup

Emitt Duane Northup; Born 6-26-45 M. Theresa Mae Pugh(7-31-48) on 9-19-67
Daryl Dean Northup; born 6-23-47 M. Paulette Ann Nybo(4-26-49)on 6-12-70